Timechain is an immutable ledger
with pioneering tech

A permissionless network powered by a Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS) consensus algorithm and, later, a fairer Proof-of-Time (PoT) protocol to power the next generation of cross-chain apps.


Timechain features

Security is in Timechain’s DNA

The Timechain takes a multi-layered security approach with threshold cryptography and a consensus protocol, alongside other protective measures such as rigorous validator safeguards, frequent audits and bug bounties.

Decentralization at its core

The Timechain network is completely permissionless — with a dynamic set of validators (time nodes) running the consensus protocol. Anyone can accumulate a stake and, later, the ranking score in the PoT protocol, to secure the network.

Scalability and efficiency

With batch-optimized and novel innovations such as the ranking score, which will be introduced later in the PoT consensus protocol, Timechain provides unparalleled performance for cross-chain apps.


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analog watch
analog watch

Analog Watch – a developer-facing marketplace

Analog Watch — also called the Query Marketplace — is a developer-facing product that allows you to query data from any connected chain through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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GMP Protocol – a one-click user experience

New DeFi platforms are emerging daily while existing protocols strive to discover innovative methods to stay competitive. As the Web3 space expands, it can be difficult to discover the most profitable DeFi opportunities. With Analog Network, you can now...

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Fueling innovation for a seamless multi-chain world throughAnalog Grants

The Analog Grant Program supports DApp developers who aspire to make revolutionary transformations in a multi-chain world by building creative, novel, and impactful apps on the Timechain.

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