GMP allows a singular access point to the entire realm of Web3

Use our General Message Passing protocol, or GMP for short, to quickly build secure cross-chain apps and bring interoperability to any blockchain—whether L1 or L2.


GMP features

Go beyond bridges

Unlike bridges that focus only on token transfers, apps built on top of Analog’s GMP protocol can call any function and pass arbitrary messages to any connected chain via a one-click UX.

Customizable security

The GMP protocol acquires its security from the Timechain Network, which comprises threshold cryptography, the PoT consensus protocol and external network observers (sentinels). You can also specify application-level security by configuring the number of validators (chronicle workers) you’d wish to participate in attesting to cross-chain transactions.

Seamless UX

DApps built on top of Analog’s GMP protocol provide a one-click UX, allowing users to access assets and liquidity across any connected chain.


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Timechain – a scalable, secure sovereign chain that connects everything in Web3!

The Timechain combines pioneering technologies, such as ranking scores, staking, and verifiable delay functions (VDFs), to create unparalleled security and sustainability in a multi-chain...

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analog watch
analog watch

Analog Watch – a developer-facing marketplace

Analog Watch — also called the Query Marketplace — is a developer-facing product that allows you to query data from any connected chain through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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Fueling innovation for a seamless multi-chain world throughAnalog Grants

The Analog Grant Program supports DApp developers who aspire to make revolutionary transformations in a multi-chain world by building creative, novel, and impactful apps on the Timechain.

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