Analog Watch mobilizes the world’s blockchain data to empower the cross-chain-verse!

Analog Watch is a global network that provides fast, scalable, and secure access to Web3 data. It is designed with a unified GraphQL API to allow developers to build cross-chain DApps at scale.


Analog Watch features

Full functionality, no code!

Accessing blockchain data in a multi-chain-verse can be slow and costly. Enter Analog Watch’s unified GraphQL API and low-code solution. Structured schemas and data, plus the ability to seamlessly switch between smart contracts across various chains, simplify the building process within any ecosystem.

Build faster

Don’t allow slow response times to impede your UX. Shift focus on your DApp and UX with ultra-fast speeds, a scalable API, and advanced rendering pipelines.

Cryptographically secure Web3 data!

Analog Watch is built on the Timechain, a Byzantine Fault Tolerant blockchain that provides proof for long-term data availability. Deploy data from any supported chain and run sub-second queries that generate verifiably tamper-proof results while staying fully decentralized!


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Timechain – a scalable, secure sovereign chain that connects everything in Web3!

The Timechain combines pioneering technologies, such as ranking scores, staking, and verifiable delay functions (VDFs), to create unparalleled security and sustainability in a multi-chain...

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GMP Protocol – a one-click user experience

GMP protocol allows DApps to tap into the true potentials that a multi-chain ecosystem provides by enabling a one-click user experience (UX) that benefits from consistent application logic...

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Fueling innovation for a seamless multi-chain world throughAnalog Grants

The Analog Grant Program supports DApp developers who aspire to make revolutionary transformations in a multi-chain world by building creative, novel, and impactful apps on the Timechain.

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