Analog's Public Testnet


Be among the first to experience Analog’s Timechain and the tools that power up the next generation of omnichain DApps.Complete quests and earn a share of the upcoming $ANLOG token supply.

About The Testnet

In a nutshell, the Analog Public Testnet is not only a way for users to experience the power of Analog first hand, but for us to collect valuable feedback from the community about our products.

Users will have access to Watch Portal and the Watch SDK, as well as an initial version of General Message Passing on the Timechain.
How to participate

How it works


Sign up for a testnet account

Use your email to get access to the testnet dashboard


Connect a wallet

Substrate for Watch Quests, EVM for GMP Quests


Complete quests

Complete a list of quests on the Watch and on Galxe


Get rewarded!

Earn Analog Token Points which entitle you to a share of the upcoming ANLOG airdrop!


Earn your share of the $ANLOG token supply by completing testnet quests and earning Analog Testnet Points! Refer your friends and earn additional ATPs when they complete quests as well.


Who can participate


Phase 1

In the first phase of the Analog Testnet, we are inviting the developer community to engage with the Timechain and particularly the Watch Portal. Our goal is for developers to test the user experience of listing contracts, querying data, and constructing Watch views.

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Phase 2

In the second phase of our testnet, we're excited to open the doors to the broader community, introducing a series of social quests and a captivating game on the Timechain. The community will be able to interact firsthand with Watch Portal and the data deployed by developers.

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Phase 3

In the third phase of our testnet, our attention shifts to the validator community. As a validator in the Analog testnet, participants will be rewarded with Analog tokens, with the distribution being proportional to their contribution to the network's operation.

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Anyone* can participate in the Testnet by registering as described in the preceding section, but we encourage those with an active interest in blockchain – whether on a casual or professional basis – to join to facilitate the gathering of constructive feedback. In order to be eligible to claim rewards, all related criteria must be met. These include, but are not limited to, the accurate provision pf details in the form and elsewhere, and the successful completion of tasks as required.

*Employees or contractors related to Analog, and residents of the United States of America, may participate but are not eligible to receive rewards. Other reward exclusions may apply.
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