The Analog Roadmap 3.0

  • The Analog Roadmap 3.0
  • Q2 2023
  • Q3 2023
  • Q4 2023
  • Q1 2024
  • Q2 2024

From its commencement, Analog has experienced remarkable expansion to accomplish our intended goals. Throughout this journey, significant progress has been made, and we are actively working towards reaching pivotal development milestones in the near future.

With that in mind, let’s delve into the current roadmap for Analog:

Q2 2023

Internal Timechain testnet and Launch Partners Program go live

The first iteration of the Timechain, used internally by the team, is launched. Internal devs and selected partners can now test the following capabilities:

  • Timechain: A sovereign blockchain built on top of Substrate SDK that currently powers Analog Watch

  • Node Tooling: A set of tools for deploying an internal cluster for the Timechain instance and Analog Watch

  • Analog Watch: A full-stack indexing & query protocol that runs on the Timechain. It comprises the Watch SDK and the Watch UI

  • Launch Partners Program: This initiative, which identifies, supports, and mentors current and potential projects that use the Timechain, is rolled out

Q3 2023

Timechain architectural updates

The following features of the Timechain architecture are updated and optimized:

  • ROAST protocol (i.e., TSS module)

  • Task management and execution

  • Dynamic sharding

Analog Launch Partners Program

Unlock your DApp's potential on the Timechain with our support and mentorship. Apply now and gain exclusive resources, mentoring and opportunities!

Q4 2023

Further software development and releases

A number of key software suites are released and optimized:

  • GMP Partners Release: The first iteration of the GMP protocol is released internally and shared with selected partners

  • Polygon Connector: A toolkit that onboards Polygon blockchain onto the Analog Watch is released, allowing users/applications to deploy and query data from the Polygon blockchain

  • Timechain Explorer: The first version of the Timechain Explorer is released

  • Analog Watch optimizations: Analog Watch undergoes a series of improvements related to usability and features

Q1 2024

Timechain Testnet public release

The Timechain public Testnet is released to the public and undergoes audits and patches as needed.

Q2 2024

Timechain Mainnet public release

A significant milestone for Analog, The Timechain Mainnet goes live.

This roadmap will be updated from time to time to reflect the project’s ongoing development.

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