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What is Analog?

In recognition that time is our greatest resource, Analog is a network that serves to immutably record time-stamped data on-chain. By creating a means of coordinated incentivization and validation of data submission, Analog aims to create a searchable ‘Timegraph’ of history covering a wide range of industries and use cases.

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Enter the Timegraph

Utilizing the causality of hash chains and a Proof-of-Time consensus mechanism, Analog's timechain establishes an indisputable history of events. With this, Analog is creating the world’s first indexable and searchable blockchain-powered Timegraph.

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Hax0ring the Fourth Dimension

Analog brings a whole new dimension to timechain development. Developers can rejoice in writing innovative time-based smart contracts and decentralized applications in any programming language that compiles to WebAssembly. The possibilities are endless when building on top of the Timegraph.

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Tangible, Real-World Utility

With the wealth of validated on-chain time data available on the Timegraph, Analog lays the groundwork for efforts to address common and even unseen issues associated with time across various industry verticals. Simply put, Analog provides solutions to real-world problems.

Our Mission

To organize the world's time data and make it universally accessible and useful.

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How does Analog work?

Analog behaves like a hub through which normalized time data from nodes on the network is channeled – nodes which may be an individual, a business, an enterprise or even an IoT device. Anyone or anything can be a node as long as they are time-relevant. These nodes are incentivized to submit time data to the Timechain via dApp smart contracts, which deposit escrowed ANLOG tokens as a reward for completed calls to action.

The time data enters the Timechain through oracles before being cross-validated and subsequently hashed by a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Time (PoT). Rather than account for work done or stake held, PoT validates by assessing a node’s time data relevancy score, its tenure on the Timechain, its historical time data validation accuracy and the average weighted value of nodes in the vicinity. To ensure that user privacy is secured, the data submitted into the Timegraph is subject to a zero-knowledge proof protocol (zk-SNARK).

Use Analog

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iOS / Android App

Our iOS and Android apps make it easy for anyone to submit time data to the Analog Timegraph. Explore the world around you through the lens of time.



ANLOG is the native token of the Analog ecosystem. It can be purchased, sold or traded. ANLOG tokens play an integral part in incentivizing time data submissions.

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Analog Wallet

The Analog wallet can be used to store ANLOG as well as a plethora of other cryptocurrencies. Slated to arrive in Q4 2021, the wallet will also include staking and LP functionality.

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Build a Dapp

Developers can take advantage of the Analog Timegraph using Analog's APIs and SDK. With a new type of dataset never available before, Analog is paving the way for the next generation of dApps.

Analog Use Cases

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Universities are at the forefront of some of the world’s most cutting-edge research, and are places where tardiness is heavily frowned upon. In the fields of education and research, it’s paramount for people to show up on time. From exam dates and essay submissions to project and admission deadlines, Analog’s incentivized systems help the students of the world finally become the masters.

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Healthcare technology is advancing rapidly, and from rewarding patients for getting regular checkups to ensuring punctuality at appointments, there’s a lot of room for Analog to help medical professionals save lives.

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Time is money, and businesses run most efficiently when people pay their bills on time. Analog enables the more seamless functioning of markets using time data from a decentralized, trustless network. Through smart contracts, Analog can even support financial applications to facilitate the creation of decentralized lending systems and incentivized staking and liquidity pools.

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By offering an oracle feed of the time between building construction and renovation dates, Analog can create smart contracts to incentivize better real-estate management. This includes rewarding or penalizing building contractors, city officials, and tenants to keep buildings in shape.

Discover Analog Use Cases

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iOS / Android App

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iOS / Android App

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iOS / Android App

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2021-2022 Roadmap

Q3 2021

Web3 integration, Pre-Sale Contract Launch, Community launch, Marketing, Continued development of Timechain, Time APIs

Q1 2022

Launch of the Timegraph v1 (Analog Web & Mobile application), Testnet, Timechain explorer

Q4 2021

DEX listings, 3-5 CEX Listings, Swiss Non-Profit foundation launch

Q2 2022

New CEX listings, SDK, dApp platform, Enterprise channel, Smart Contracts, DEX v1 launch

Q3 2022

Launch of Mainnet Timechain

Get Started with Analog

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Start building with Analog

If you want to try building with Analog, read our docs, try some tutorials, or check out the tools you need to get started.

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The Analog Community

The Analog community includes developers, technologists, users, HODLers and time enthusiasts from all over the world.

Learn more about ANLOG Token

Or read our Timepaper.