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Introducing the Analog
Launch Partners Program

By taking advantage of the liquidity, assets, and user base across different Layer-1 and Layer-2 ecosystems, Analog believes that cross-chain smart contract calls, enabled by general message passing, will build far more powerful DApps than what we currently see today.

about the program

In tandem with the Timechain launch, the Analog Launch Partners Program identifies, supports, and mentors current and potential cross-chain projects that use Timechain as their Layer-0 messaging protocol.


Core Benefits

These are the benefits specific to the Analog Launch Partners Program.

Other Channels

We are also very open to discussions of benefits or assistance beyond those listed here. Our main goal is to get the best builders to build on Analog, so let us know what we can do and we can try to accommodate your needs!


How to apply?

Please complete this form.

If you do not wish to apply for the program, but would like to get in touch with the Analog team for a potential collaboration, email .

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