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Analog Wallet

Anyone can buy ANLOG tokens on the Analog website by using either ETH or BNB. Currently, the platform allows users to use MetaMask and other Binance Chain-compatible wallets. However, we believe that a customized wallet is more secure, easy to use, and provides a tailored interface and integrations.
In this regard, the Analog network is soon releasing its own wallet. The Analog wallet is a hierarchical deterministic (HD)-based system that token holders generate and control their keys. As a multi-asset, the Analog wallet will support virtually all the ERC-20 tokens and major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, ADA, and SOL, among others.
The Analog wallet can theoretically create infinite private and public keys from a single master seed by leveraging HD key generations. As such, token holders can easily determine all their keys, passwords, and other cryptographic elements from a single master seed. Beyond privacy, the Analog wallet provides robust security when compared to non-deterministic (ND) wallets.
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