Timelord program

Become a Timelord

We created the Timelord program to recruit ambassadors who will help us
make our mark as a brand and as a company. We are looking for the right
individuals to fill this role – people who can provide a meaningful contribution
towards the growth of Analog and its community.
What you’ll do

What the role entails

Timelords are given a set of KPIs to meet, chiefly involving the promotion of Analog across numerous social media platforms to engage the community. This typically involves social media norms such as posting, reacting, commenting, sharing, inviting and the like. That said, there are also opportunities for a Timelord to increase their rank and take on more brand promotion and community engagement responsibilities!

Who you are

We are after someone who has prior experience in brand promotion and knows their way around blockchain and crypto. They should have the necessary character traits to be a brand ambassador – sociable, influential, enthusiastic, insightful and dedicated to the cause. They should also be social media savvy, mindful of their conduct and able to handle their responsibilities well!

Timelord Benefits

Timelords receive rewards based on their performance in achieving their KPIs. Simply put, the better they perform, the higher the rewards. Aside from that, Timelords can also gain valuable web3 knowledge and work hand-in-hand with core team members who have between them decades of blockchain and crypto experience.
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How to Apply

Step 1

Submit an application on our job board here.

Step 2

Applicants should then prepare for a 15-minute Zoom interview with a core Analog team member.

Step 3

Successful applicants will be subsequently notified and undergo a briefing.

Zoom Interview

Step 2

Applicants should then prepare for a 15-minute Zoom interview with a core Analog team member.

Submit an application

Step 1

Submit an application on our job board here.

Successful applicants

Step 3

Successful applicants will be subsequently notified and undergo a briefing.




Part 1: Community Growth (via Invite Link)

  • 30+ invites per cycle on Discord
    • Create your own invite link
      • Existing Timelords: Use the same link as before
  • 30+ invites per cycle on Telegram
    • Get your Telegram from @itsdkmr on Telegram
      • Existing Timelords: Request for a new invite link

Part 2: Telegram and Discord Marketing

  • Min 400 messages per cycle Telegram (100 per week)
    • Fill in your alt accounts into the application form
  • Min 5% telegram activity score for the cycle
  • Min 4 subtle shills in any Telegram group per cycle
    • Submit the message link into the form
  • Min 400 messages per cycle Discord (100 per week)

Part 3: Twitter Marketing (Quality over Quantity)


  • 3 max quality new twitter post per day/ 14 in total per week (56 per cycle)
  • 5 max supporting replies to @OneAnalog twitter posts per day/ 35 in total per week (140 per cycle)
    • Other Timelord’s posts don’t count towards this submission
  • All @OneAnalog Tweets must be retweeted and liked.
  • 5 max quality replies on influencers tweets per day/ 35 in total per week (140 per cycle)

*Tweets that have higher engagement increases chances of a higher score – support your fellow Timelords tweets too! 

*Low quality tweets will be ranked 0

*No graphics with the Analog logo can be used in Twitter posts

Part 4: Reddit

  • All Analog’s posts must be upvoted.
  • Min 8 subtle shills (comment/cross-posts) in any relevant subreddit per cycle
*If the Timelord is in the top 17 ranking, and the above is not met, their rewards can be deducted up to 30%


  • Creation of memes
  • Creation of GIFs
  • Articles / Text Reviews
  • YouTube Video Reviews 500+ Views
  • Translation work assigned by the team

*Upload to google drive folder “Bonus” before the cycle ends

*Get Analog team’s input before posting publicly for the above

Complete these steps:

  • Use your applicant ID to submit tasks. Find your Applicant ID here.
  • For Part 3 and Part 4, please submit a link to each completed task here.
* Tasks that are not submitted to the form above will not be considered nor added to your leaderboard score.


Check out how you’re doing on the Timelord Leaderboard.
Part 1 and Part 2 get updated weekly. Part 3 and Part 4 get updated in real-time. Our team members will be rating all the content submitted, and each task holds a different weightage. Please check the weightage board below for your reference.
*If the Timelord is in the top 17 rank and the KPIs for Part1-4 are not met, their rewards will be deducted by up to 30%
Rank Name Telegram id Discord id Twitter id Applicant id Final score
1 Vitus Daniel Ikenna @Leinad_Vitus Leinad#0185 @VitusDaniel1 TL0048 2350.2
2 Charles Akpan @Charlesace Charles ace#1055 @Charlesakpan16 TL0073 2026.1
3 Chester Robleza MooneSkye MOONE.SKYE#4852 DosSarcasms TL0001 1294.6
4 Ibrahim Maitama Idris El_chapo0014 El_chapo0014#1038 El_chapo0014 TL0114 1991.5
5 Iloduba Kosisochukwu Divine @divine_kosi Divine kosi#4908 @divine_kosi TL0088 783

Weightage & Points

Referring to the table below, the figures listed in the Weightage column represent the
number of points you can earn for each task. Each task submitted will be rated on a scale
of 0-5. Your total score will be calculated using the following formula: (Rating x Weightage
= Activity Score). Points will reset each month.
*If the Timelord is in the top 17 rank and the KPIs for Part1-4 are not met, their rewards will be deducted by up to 30%

Prize Allocation

We have exciting prizes in store for you! All prizes will be issued in $ANLOG and will be distributed on the 16th of each month. The first round of prizes will be distributed on March 16, 2022. Refer below for the prize allocation according to position.
  • 1st place – $ANLOG tokens worth 500 USD
  • 2nd place – $ANLOG tokens worth 450 USD
  • 3rd place – $ANLOG tokens worth 400 USD
  • 4th place – $ANLOG tokens worth 300 USD
  • 5th place – $ANLOG tokens worth 300 USD
  • 6th place – $ANLOG tokens worth 250 USD
  • 7th place – $ANLOG token worth 250 USD

The remaining top 10 of the participants get rewarded with a free airdrop ($ANLOG tokens worth 100+ USD)

Extra Rewards

Our top 5 candidates will get additional privileges on top of the $ANLOG prizes. These
rewards include:
  • Exclusive AMA session
  • Opportunity to contribute more
  • Early VIP access to news and updates
  • Opportunity for remote hourly contract


You can find your applicant ID here.

On the 16th of each month, everyone’s Leaderboard points will be reset.

Please use your applicant ID to submit your daily work links to this form.
Sure, anyone can join in. Start submitting your tasks via the form and build up your points on the Leaderboard! No prior experience is necessary.


Yes. We have changed the mechanics of the program. You may remember the previous iteration of the program, which was centered on a competitive leaderboard ranking system. Timelords were rewarded according to their leaderboard ranking, which hinged on their task output.

What you see now is a new version of the program where interested candidates apply for the role, and those who go on to become Timelords are given KPIs to meet as well as opportunities to expand on their role by taking on extra responsibilities. They no longer compete with each other as the leaderboard has been done away with.

Detailed KPIs, tasks and other role-specific information are only shared with Timelords who have successfully landed the role and have been subsequently onboarded to the program.
Yes, we are exploring the possibility of increasing the rank of Timelords who go above and beyond the basic role requirements. For instance, we would consider bestowing a higher rank to Timelords who are proactive and propose ideas on how to expand the reach of the Timelord program, or those who work with us to implement new features to the program.
Besides being rewarded for performing their roles according to their KPIs, Timelords are given the opportunity to work on a dynamic project that’s gearing up to take the web3 internet future by the horns! If you’re interested in what Analog is about and its innovative approach towards seamless blockchain interoperability – this is a rare chance to be in the thick of the action!

Explore Analog Technology

A more thorough analysis can be found in our Timepaper

Explore Analog Technology

You can find a more thorough analysis of the Analog technology in our Timepaper.

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