Besides incentivizing positive outcomes on the platform, you can also use $ANLOG tokens to pay network fees when transacting on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) or undertaking token swaps.



We’ll soon unveil staking opportunities on the Analog network to allow you to improve your returns on investment (ROI). We’ll provide generous annual percentage yield (APY) and rewards for users that stake their coins, which will be compounded with the node’s relevancy score (RS).



Once we deploy the Analog Timechain mainnet, you’ll automatically become part of the network’s decentralized governance infrastructure. This way, you get to maintain and update the network to ensure its core ideals remains intact.

Where can you buy $ANLOG?



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How to get $ANLOG

You can procure $ANLOG on selected decentralized and centralized exchanges. Currently, these are PancakeSwap, Uniswap and Bitrue.  
  • 1Create a wallet

    (Skip this step if you want to use Bitrue or another CEX). Create a wallet either on MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase, Fortmatic or Portis.

  • 2Link your wallet

    You are typically required to link your wallet to the exchange service in order to perform an exchange or swap. Follow the transaction instructions provided by the exchange of your choice on how to do this. In the case of Bitrue, you may purchase the token using your credit card.

  • 3Get $ANLOG

    Select your currency and the amount of $ANLOG you wish to procure before completing the process.

$ANLOG Token


The ANALOG ($ANLOG) token is the engine that fuels all transactions on the Analog network. It underpins the functionality of the entire platform by incentivizing broadcasters to submit event data and time nodes to verify event data. The work that time nodes perform keeps the Analog network secure and frees it from centralized control.

Besides incentivizing time nodes to validate event data, $ANLOG tokens will also enable token holders to participate in Analog’s onchain decentralized governance model. We’ll mint 90.58 million $ANLOG at the genesis of the Analog network. This figure represents the fixed and immutable maximum supply of $ANLOG.


Token Release Schedule


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