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This section contains a list of whitepapers that we’ve written that describe the technology and
tokenomics underpinning the Analog network.

Analog Timepaper (version 2.0)

This is the second iteration of the timepaper and reflects new features such as block pipelining, ranking scores, trust index, and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), among others. Dive in to learn more.
First published December 20th, 2021
Last updated: March 12th, 2022

Analog Timepaper (version 1.0)

This is a comprehensive guide to anything and everything Analog, including why it was founded, how it works and what it intends to accomplish. Dive into Analog's unique blockchain features, such as the PoT consensus mechanism, and how it maximizes the potential of time data in real-world scenarios.
First published August 13th, 2021
Last updated: November 11th, 2021

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